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There is a small by-project to paint a collarbone called shittextiles which is tote bags printed with my favorite image.

shit textiles tote bag




Two friends of mine are working on a very special version of the game snake. There is one screen, four players and four controllers. Each controller directs the snake into one of the four possible direction – but every time you start a new round the players won’t know which direction they are and will have to figure that out somehow first. It’s so much fun !

& i designed their logo:

snake 3

This is what the game looks like:





Re Lim, film producer and director, currently living in Beijing, used several of my images as intro to a short movie called “Work Notification”. Sadly you can’t watch it online anymore..




Kirstie Smith from the label “Romance is Dead” used my yes-speechbubble for her cushions !




It was in 2011 when I designed a small edition of T-shirts and tote bags printed with several images to sell them on- and offline. It was fun, but so much work !


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